Our services include:

Roof Washing   (Asphalt, Metal & Cedar Shake)
Algae (most commonly seen as black streaks)
      Rust stains caused from chimney/antenna
House Washing
Cleaning of Driveways & Walkways  
Gutter Cleaning
Business Exteriors
Pressure Washing (we use soft washing on your home)
Deck cleaning
Deck Stripping
Graffiti Removal

 One call to us is all you need to boost your curb appeal and finish that "To-Do" list!

Roof Cleaning

Black staining is caused by the growth of algae and fungus spores that land on your roof, (Staining is not caused by pollution, soot or jet exhaust). These spores need three things to grow: heat, moisture and some kind of nutrient. The nutrient comes from dirt and the shingle itself, primarily the limestone filler used in manufacturing the granules. Shingle roofs are manufactured with different degrees of quality. Pricing is one way to tell the quality of a roof and the manufacturer's warranty is another. Most roofs applied by builders and roofing contractors are in the low to medium quality range. Higher quality roofs are generally found on expensive custom homes and where the owner has taken a special interest in the quality of the roof. 

It is safe to guess the vast majority of shingle roofs are medium to low quality with warranties that range from 15 to 25 years. The same shingle continues to get longer warranties. Manufacturer placed petroleum distillates, copper and zinc granules in varying amounts in and on the shingle to prevent algae and fungus growth over varying periods of time according to uncontrollable variables. As the shingle ages and is subjected to the extremes in local weather, it deteriorates losing its granules and its fungus fighting capabilities. It is not uncommon for low quality shingles to exhibit a lot of algae/fungus staining in just three years while most roofs are stained partially or completely within the four to five year range. Black algae/fungus staining will first exhibit itself on the north side of the roof, then the west, south and east. Green algae staining is caused by close or overhanging trees. Either staining process will occur if you haven't maintained and protected your roof.

The answer is clean it immediately! Here's why: As the algae and fungus grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingle and expand and contract with the outside temperature. This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss, dramatically shortening the life of your roof. A 25-year roof may not even last 15 years if nothing is done. A fungus-covered roof not only is an eyesore but it is unhealthy as well; do you want fungus spores all over, around and in your home? And what about those people with allergies? In addition, the fungus covered roof keeps under roof temperatures a lot higher by preventing the reflective capabilities of the granules from doing their job. These soaring under roof temperatures make your air conditioner work a lot harder and increase your electric bills. Finally, homeowner associations are becoming more abundant, primarily to maintain and enhance value of the individual homes and neighborhoods. You are not alone in the appearance of your home; therefore, at the first sign of algae/fungus staining, it makes good sense to clean your roof. This is not difficult to accomplish!  Our Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Process is safe and effective at removing ugly roof stains. The algae stains will be gone and curb appeal restored.  

Preventative measures can help you to save a lot of money in the future!  Call us for a free roof maintenance estimate at (231) 675-5344.


Your walkway is the first introduction for a guest visiting your home.  Many walkways have unsightly mold/mildew growing on them.  Freshen up the look of your walkway today with a cleaning!
Business / Commercial

Make sure your place of business is attractive and inviting to your customers!  Keeping all buildings and walkways clean and sanitized is not only beneficial to reducing liability issues but also adds a great deal of curb appeal and is much more inviting to your clients and guests. Unsightly mold and rust stains may turn potential customers or clients away as your building is a reflection of your business.  Just like you, our reputation is built on the quality we put into every job and the relationships we build with our customers.  Fresh Exteriors stands by its work and is not satisfied unless you are satisfied.  Call today for a free evaluation and estimate of your exterior cleaning needs.  
House Wash

You spend a lot of time and money making sure that your lawn and garden look great.  Why not make the exterior of your home look great as well?  We can clean your home exteriors including brick, wood, vinyl, and aluminum surfaces.  Most of the time it will look like you need a paint job when all you need is a good cleaning.  Weathering can make your house look old and in need of a new paint job.  Mold and mildew that have accumulated over the years will be removed giving your home the "like new" appearance again.  Blasting with high pressure is a bad idea and scrubbing with a brush, well, that's too much like work. What's the solution to safely and effectively clean your home?  We use a method that is known as "soft wash."  This method allows us to safely clean your home using no more pressure than your garden hose.  In order to do this, we use highly effective, yet safe, cleaning detergents that do the work for us!  You will be amazed by what a fresh cleaning will do to the value and asthetics of your home.  Call Fresh Exteriors today for a free estimate!


To prevent future problems, make sure your gutters are cleaned.  The inside collects debris and can cause a build up over time.  This build up can clog your downspouts and may even allow growth of vegetation in your gutters.  The black streaks on the outside of your gutters can also be cleaned and will refresh the look of your home.

Don't see the service you need listed? This is a list of our most popular services, but give Nick a call and we will find the solution for any project- big or small! 

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